Saturday, February 23, 2013

Judy Ann Sparks, wife to Larry Sparks, mother to 3 children, two sons and one daughter, passed away January, 17 2013. These are the words that kept repeating in my head. I couldn't grasp the fact that she was not going to be with us anymore. I kept thinking this isn't real, it happened way to fast. She had c.o.p.d  and on oxygen. The doctor told us that she was on her last stages of the c.o.p.d. There are 3 stages and the last stage being the worst. Two days after Christmas Day of 2012, she took the turn for the worst. She was in and out of the hospital, the second time she stayed a week and was in intensive care for the first 5 days. She came home feeling a little bit better. The next day she wouldn't eat anything, she became real weak, she couldn't suck through a straw. My father and I talked her into going to the hospice center so she could get better. The next morning she went a coma like state. Two days later, the most amazing person who I hold dear to my heart passed away. My world became shattered and very lost. She was a strong - hearted  lady. She was the type that wouldn't back down from nothing. She fought very hard and didn't go without a fight. Sometimes I sit back and wonder what she's doing and if she's watching over me and how much I would love to hear her voice and her laugh. I miss her so very much. Her and I were very close and didn't matter what it was we could tell each other anything. She was my best friend.  People say "time heals," but it doesn't get better. There is always that ache in your heart. I feel so lost and empty on the inside and I keep asking "Why!!!" and I know I will never get that answer. Every night before I lay down, I say a little poem to her and tell her good night and I love and miss her. This lady holds a very special place in my heart,  my Mother.
We love and miss you very much.